About Us

Risk Management without passion, innovation, and accountability is just buying insurance.

Beecher Carlson, a large account risk management broker, delivers expertise with industry focus and product specialization. We are passionate about providing an experience that goes beyond transactions. Your company can reap significant savings due to our analytical thinking and creative solutions as well as our deep industry knowledge. Every day we strive to do more, because we believe that risk management without passion, innovation, and accountability is just buying insurance.




We are passionate about providing you with a unique experience – one that goes beyond traditional, one-off insurance transactions.



We rely on innovation to create advanced analytics to assess your total cost of risk and pinpoint areas of your business that will drive down costs.



We embrace accountability and align ourselves to meet your objectives.


Beecher Carlson Insurance Services, LLC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Brown & Brown, Inc. (NYSE:BRO) which through its subsidiaries offers a broad range of insurance and reinsurance products; services; and risk management, third-party administration, and managed health care programs. Providing service to business, public entity, individual, trade, and professional association clients nationwide, Brown & Brown, Inc. is ranked by Business Insurance magazine as the United States’ sixth largest independent insurance intermediary.



Beecher Carlson takes great care of our insurance needs, and that

translates extremely well into us being able to provide good,

low-cost insurance to the hotel operators.


Mike Owens

Senior Director – Insurance Finance, Marriott Int.