Transparent financial analysis & simple decision making

The more locations your company has across the country, the more difficult it is to accurately allocate your property premiums. Without precisely allocated premiums, it becomes nearly impossible to create an accurate cost analysis or budget for any particular property. Beecher Carlson has developed a way to better manage this time-consuming task. Our proprietary methodology enables you to accurately apportion the true cost of your premium among your property locations — all based on your chosen criteria.

Beecher Carlson’s LiNK technology allows for a customized match of premium to actual exposure. It combines tailored models based on your company’s goals and objectives with real-time premium allocations. You can analyze your allocations quickly and with complete accuracy. Through property acquisition and sales, LiNK makes financial analysis transparent and decision-making simple.

LiNK’s breakdown of your allocation information includes the following details:

  • Number of locations
  • Mean, median, maximum, and minimum location TIV as well as location TIV standard deviation
  • Breakdown by occupancy class
  • Breakdown by geographic region
  • Annual premium and pro rata premium for all locations
  • Mean and median premium per location as well as annual premium per location standard deviation
  • Change in TIV during policy period

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