Optimize your casualty program

With your constantly evolving risk profile, you must periodically perform comprehensive evaluations of the underlying variables impacting your total cost of risk. Having the right tools enables you to analyze and review your risks, so you can manage all possible outcomes. Make educated purchasing decisions, determine appropriate retentions and limits, and reduce your overall casualty costs with OPTIMIZETM, our proprietary analytical platform.

Known for our analytical thinking and consultative approach, Beecher Carlson’s Casualty Practice delivers integrated insurance and risk management solutions to some of the most respected companies in the world. We utilize OPTIMIZETM, our suite of decision support tools and analyses, to identify and prioritize cost-reduction opportunities and optimize your casualty insurance program.

Get answers to these important questions with OPTIMIZETM:

  • What underlying claim attributes are driving my loss experience?
  • How does my program (limit, retention, pricing) compare to my peers?
  • What impact will program changes have on my collateral requirements?
  • What is the optimal program structure for my risk?
  • Is my risk priced appropriately in the marketplace?

For more than 30 years, Beecher Carlson has utilized innovative and unique technical approaches to empower you in the marketplace, to support data driven decisions, to design customized programs, and to implement solutions as distinct as your risks.

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