2020 Hospital Workers’ Compensation Benchmark Study

January 27, 2021

This is Beecher Carlson’s 9th edition study of workers’ compensation claim trends for hospital organizations across the country. Beecher Carlson launched these benchmark studies for the hospital industry in 2009 working with leaders from the risk management and employee safety community. The objectives were to analyze loss and exposure data from workers’ compensation losses to support an effort for an overall reduction in the total cost of risk. Taking the lead from the sharing of data associated with patient care and outcomes, that first benchmark study provided the basic measures of the frequency of claims and the severity associated with losses.

11 years later, we find ourselves in previously unchartered territory relative to workers’ compensation and the healthcare industry due to COVID-19 and a variety of patient and employee safety issues. While this analysis includes data prior to the 2020 pandemic, Beecher Carlson continues its commitment to the industry and offers this analysis to support and motivate safety and loss prevention for the frontline healthcare providers. 

We want to recognize the effort required of all participants and express our gratitude for these organizations taking the time to provide the data needed to make this study possible. We welcome the opportunity to discuss the implementation and execution of strategies driven by the findings of this study in an effort to further protect your workforce and reduce your organization’s cost of risk.

Download the full study below.