The Renewable Read | August 18, 2021

August 18, 2021

Renewable Energy Property & Project Losses

Coverage Terms & Conditions to Know


The renewable industry has seen an increase in exposure to Wildfire, most significantly at solar facilities. As with Severe Convective Storm, which includes hail, we have seen the following coverage and terms & condition changes related to wildfire losses:

  • Sublimit added for Wildfire, per occurrence, and in the aggregate.
  • Minimum and percentage deductibles similar to those for Named Windstorm
  • Definition of Wildfire added. Example of a definition below:
    • Wildfire means any wildfire predominantly consuming vegetation, trees, timber, natural fuels, woodland or brush; forest fire; brush fire; grass fire; peat fire; hill fire; desert fire; veld fire; escaped prescribed fire or any other uncontrolled or unplanned fire, which may also consume houses, building or other structures. Wildfire includes all risks associated with or resulting from such fire(s), such as flames, smoke, heat, soot or fumes.
  • Protective Safeguards Warranty Endorsement added to the Policy that requires Insureds to maintain the specified protective safeguards at the Project Site “… at all times during the Policy Period.”This primarily involves adherence to the vegetation management protocols and maintenance of all fire protection equipment. Requirements are detailed in the specific policy Endorsement.

In the event of a Wildfire or any fire loss, failure to comply with any of the terms and conditions of the Protective Safeguards Endorsement could result in the loss not being covered and no claim being paid. It is important to understand the requirements in the Policy and establish evidence of compliance with the Safeguards to use as evidence in the event of a loss.

Our Beecher Carlson Energy Practice is available to assist clients with any questions or concerns regarding the Protective Safeguards Endorsement. We have experience working with our clients through these issues and other complex coverages related to Energy and Renewable space.

Maryann Johnson leads the Property and Energy Claims Practice at Beecher Carlson. Maryann works with our renewable energy clients and large market property clients to manage both domestic and international complex property damage and business interruption claims. This involves proactively managing the loss adjustment process with clients, providing advice and strategic guidance on claim presentations, reviewing and assisting on policy coverage issues, and advocating and negotiating on behalf of clients. Maryann has more than 25 years of industry experience handling multi-million dollar property and energy claims.   

Maryann joined Beecher Carlson as the practice leader more than two years ago and was charged with leading the team and developing the practice.  Under Maryann’s leadership, the practice has increased its number of advocates and created enhanced processes to better serve Beecher Carlson clients.  Maryann’s vision for the practice and her team is to provide high-level technical, value-added advocacy to clients and provide the best-in-class claims consulting.