9th Circuit Reverses a Federal Court that Excluded Apps from the ADA

February 01, 2019

Recent news in the ADA website accessibility realm may have an impact on your company’s app.

The 9th Circuit has reversed a federal court that excluded apps from the ADA. Plaintiff Guillermo Robles claimed the Domino’s Pizza app discriminated against disabled individuals, as the app lacked the ability for disabled individuals to create a pizza, place an order, and use coupons.

Though a federal judge originally ruled for Domino’s, asserting there was no federal regulation that bound websites or apps to ADA regulations, the 9th Circuit reversed the decision and found that the lack of regulation would allow Domino’s to avoid responsibility to provide its services to the blind. The judges remanded the case to the district court, which will now determine whether the app properly services blind users.

Unless Domino’s appeals this to the Supreme Court and manages to secure a reversal, the law of the land for the 9th Circuit will require apps to meet ADA regulations and properly service blind customers.