Beecher Carlson’s 2018 Power Broker Winners

February 22, 2018

Congratulations to Beecher Carlson’s Greg Myers, Jerry Levine, Susan Garrard, Geraldine Kerrigan, Mary Leighton, and Marc Toy on being named 2018 Power Brokers  and Christian Florence on being named a finalist by Risk & Insurance.

 Greg Myers, Executive Managing Director and leader of Beecher Carlson’s National Manufacturing Practice, was recognized in the automotive category. A five-time recipient of the Power Broker award, Greg was praised for his ability to develop and implement unique solutions for his clients. “If you are in the auto insurance industry, you know Greg Myers. And if you don’t know him, you should… Greg has tremendous knowledge, and he works closely with those of us in the risk area of the auto business. He thinks outside-the-box and has alternative solutions,”¹ shared one client.

 Jerry Levine, Managing Director, was named Power Broker in the hospitality category. In addition to this year’s Power Broker Award, Jerry was also recognized in 2009 and 2013. With more than 42 years of experience, Jerry works with some of the largest tribal gaming facilities in the United States and numerous hotel management companies and real estate investment trusts. Jerry was named Power Broker for his industry knowledge and dedication to his clients. “He is our 100 percent, trusted go-to person. We don’t sign anything until it has gone by Jerry’s desk,”² stated Andrew Lee, vice president, architecture and construction at The Lam Group.

 Dominating the renewable energy category, four of the six individuals recognized are members of Beecher Carlson’s Global Energy Practice.

 Susan Garrard, Managing Director, is a four-time Power Broker winner, having also won in 2014, 2015, and 2017. Specializing in power generation portfolios with high transactional volume, Susan was recognized for partnering with a client as they navigated a complex transaction. Susan was praised for her creative approach and persistence in handling the significant challenges this client faced. “Susan has been a fantastic partner… I could not have navigated the insurance buying process without her,”³ shared the founder of the client company.

 Geraldine Kerrigan, Executive Managing Director and two time Power Broker recipient, has more than a decade of experience in the insurance industry working specifically with power generation and oil and gas clients. Her extensive expertise enabled her to help a client in the development of their wind projects. “We had been limited in the coverage [available] in the local market. We were faced with subpar service and limited options. Geraldine was able to provide multiple options for our project to manage our exposures at a significant advantage. We completed our first construction close using one of Geraldine’s designs and have set an effective precedent and model for our future projects in the region,”³ stated a client.

 Mary Leighton, Senior Vice President, was praised for her ability to navigate the complexities of renewable energy transactions and successfully guide clients through the process of developing streamlined programs. Mary partnered with a client to update their program and increase its efficiency while focusing on gaps andinefficiencies. She was able to develop a casualty program for this client that met all of their needs and decreased liability expenses by almost a third.

 Marc Toy, Senior Vice President, utilized his expertise in solar energy to help his client select the right firm from which to purchase non-standard insurance. “We were choosing between an established firm offering this coverage and a new entrant. Marc walked me through the policy for each and presented the pluses and minuses. He did not promote either option… Marc just provided clear and objective analysis of both policies,”³ shared the vice president of project finance for the client. After objectively presenting all of the options and evaluating the program structure, Marc then assessed the risk exposures and ensured they were addressed.

Christian Florence, Senior Vice President, was named a finalist in the Workers’ Compensation category. Christian co-leads Beecher Carlson’s proprietary ZOOM® Business Consulting Practice, leveraging his expertise in analytics and project management gained over 18 years in the insurance industry. By combining predictive analytics with ZOOM® best practices, hands-on claims consulting, and loss control engineering, Christian and the ZOOM® team yield impressive results for their clients.

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