Beecher Carlson’s 2019 Power Brokers

February 25, 2019

Congratulations to Beecher Carlson’s Jason Flaxbeard, Amanda Lania, Mary Leighton, and Marc Toy on being named 2019 Power Brokers by Risk & Insurance.

Jason Flaxbeard, Executive Managing Director and Chairman of Beecher Carlson’s Captive Practice, was named Power Broker in the Captives category. Flaxbeard was recognized for his work with The Coca-Cola Company, Vail Resorts, and Marriott International where he developed and implemented creative solutions that have increased savings and efficiency. Stacy Apter, Assistant Treasurer of The Coca-Cola Company, shared, “Jason is a truly strategic partner… He feels just like a natural extension of our risk management team.”1 Michael Owens, Vice President of Risk Finance at Marriot International Risk Management echoed Apter stating that Jason is “a terrific resource for us in raising and evaluating new product offerings and the strategic use of our captives.”2

As in 2018, Beecher Carlson’s Global Energy Practice again dominated the Renewal Energy category. Three of the six individuals recognized are members of the practice.

Amanda Lania, Account Manager, helped guide her clients through challenging situations to the best results. She was able to work with underwriters on a new waste-to-energy client that, “was struggling with drastically increased renewal pricing as part of their facility operator’s master insurance program. The cost had doubled, despite the client having no losses. Lania was able to work with the underwriters to get them comfortable with the exposure.”3 Lania helped her client achieve 40 percent rate savings.

Mary Leighton, Senior Vice President and two-time Power Broker recipient, helped her client, a waste-to-energy facility, navigate a challenging year. The risk manager shared, “this year has been a struggle for us… We had two large claims. They are still in process. We are also in the second year of a three-year policy, so we are already looking to the renewal, and she is starting work on that even as she wrangles these claims. None of this would be possible without her.”4

Marc Toy, Senior Vice President and two-time Power Broker recipient, was praised by a client’s director of finance as, “as outstanding resource for our company.”5 Toy led the company in consolidating its complex insurance program. Increasing efficiencies in the submission process, Toy has also increased the company’s savings.

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