Is 2020 the End of Silent Cyber?

December 11, 2020

For years, many lines of business have failed to either affirmatively include cyber coverage or explicitly exclude it, but as of January 1, 2020, underwriters are required to clarify their positions on these exposures. Beecher Carlson’s Reiner Braun, Scott Buchholz, Chris Keegan, and John Kerns as well as AIG’s Tracie Grella recently discussed the resultant limitations and exclusions being introduced by various insurance carriers throughout the market and the solutions available to address them.

What is Silent Cyber?

Silent cyber is coverage that is not affirmatively provided in traditional insurance programs but that may be included because the policies are silent. The uncertainty is causing carriers to focus on specific cyber risks and work to provide clarity around coverage.

AIG and Lloyd’s of London have announced affirmative and nonaffirmative cyber underwriting strategies, and other markets are following suit, introducing exclusions that can create inconsistencies, gaps, and potential non-conformisty of coverage. Watch our recent webinar to learn more.

How are insurers approaching non-affirmative cyber?

What industries and types of risks will be most effected?

How will this impact other coverages?

What solutions are available?