Maximizing Computer Workstation Comfort

May 20, 2020

Work Area and Lighting

  • Choose an area suitable for your needs, ideally with a desk and office chair if available.
  • Ensure there is adequate clearance for your knees and legs under the work surface.
  • Avoid resting your arms and wrists on the work surface.
  • Keep power cords and other trip hazards tidy and away from walking paths.
  • Adjust window shades or add a task light to create adequate and comfortable lighting.


Chair and Posture

  • Use an adjustable chair with lumbar back support.
  • Avoid sitting on very soft couches, as they do not support the body evenly.
  • Stand, stretch, or walk every hour to maintain blood flow and ease tension.



  • Position your monitor so that it does not face direct sunlight or other sources of bright light such as windows with no shades.
  • Place the monitor directly in front of you about an arm’s length away.
  • Position your monitor so that the top third of the monitor is level with your eyes.
  • Position dual monitors directly in front of you with the outermost edges tilted toward you when using each monitor equally.


Keyboard and Mouse

  • Ensure the mouse is next to your keyboard.
  • Ensure the keyboard and mouse cord length are adequate and free of tangles.
  • Position the keyboard and mouse near the edge of the table.
  • Avoid planting your wrists during keyboard and mouse use.
  • Use a small rolled up towel as a palm support when typing.
  • Use an external keyboard and mouse when using a laptop for prolonged periods.


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