SolarWinds Hack: A Perfect Storm Cyber Hurricane or a Wake-up Call of What Could Come?

January 13, 2021

While the full details and broader impact of the SolarWinds Orion hack are still unfolding, one thing is known for sure; the impact of this wide-spread and potentially devastating attack by a highly sophisticated adversary could have easily become the worst-case scenario. Without regard to industry, geography, organization size, or any other discernable commonality, other than being customers of SolarWinds, this attack has left thousands of organizations and government agencies struggling to understand exposure, contain the attack, and remediate the vulnerabilities and potential backdoors created by the attackers. But will this cost businesses and cyber insurers billions of dollars in losses? Is it the “Cyber Hurricane” insurers have tried to avoid, or have we dodged the bullet?

Chris Keegan, Cyber and Technology Practice Leader, and Oren Wortman, Cyber Risk Advisory Leader, provide a non-technical analysis of this cyberattack and how it relates to cyber insurance. Download the white paper to learn more.