Tornado Checklist

May 21, 2019

As spring storm systems can bring inclement weather, including thunderstorms, hail, and tornadoes, it is important to be prepared. Use this checklist to help make sure you’re ready.

Action Items Immediately Before And During A Tornado Event

  • Monitor web-based weather resources, local media, and NOAA Weather Radio & National Weather Service (NWS) for tornado warnings and imminent tornadic storm projections
  • Activate emergency communication protocol for entire workforce
    • Remind workforce to activate their personal emergency communication plans
  • Activate tornado response for affected workforce
    • Relocation of on-site workforce to appropriate shelter areas or safe rooms
    • Include on-site visitors within relocation effort
    • Obtain location of off-site workers who normally work on-site
  • Continue to monitor weather resources until weather event has passed

Immediate Response Items Once Tornado Has Passed

  • Utilize active emergency communication protocol for affected workforce and visitors
    • Track communication failures to determine who needs assistance
    • Person-in-charge serves as champion for assisting those in need
  • Communicate with local authorities about status of site operations
    • Listen and follow any directions provided by local, regional, or federal emergency response agencies
    • Provide proven information for any assistance requests
  • Communicate with dedicated response contractors (notify before tornado if possible)
  • Begin utility service shut down and restoration process (power, water, natural gas, etc.)
  • Initiate property damage assessment, if and only if conditions and authorities permit
  • Review and assess results from emergency communications with entire workforce
    • Develop specific action plans for helping employees requiring assistance
  • Schedule, verify, and confirm action items for the next 48 hours
    • Confirm personnel responsible and available for internally-controlled action items
    • Confirm arrival schedule for dedicated response contractors
    • Determine if and when efforts from response agencies will impact response plan
  • Provide final description and schedule for corporate resource assistance (if necessary)
  • Review action items for the following 72 to 96 hours

The items and issues listed are general in nature and may not address all the issues or preparations that may be necessary for a given location or occupancy. Remember that the first priority is to ensure employee safety.

Download the Tornado Checklist here.