Webinar: Risk Does Not Rest | Confronting Cyber Extortion Targeting Healthcare Organizations

December 23, 2020

With the upward track of ransomware attacks, many healthcare organizations are considering a more aggressive and deliberate approach in response.

In Beecher Carlson’s Risk Does Not Rest webinar, we heard from a risk manager who has experienced an incident from its early stage to a successful outcome and the experience of response coaches and actual ransomware negotiators who have successfully navigated a broad spectrum of events. The panelists also discussed the following:

  • Trends of the ransomware attacks against healthcare providers
  • Advanced measures to take prior to an attack that can make a critical difference to the outcome
  • Practical steps that are likely to be part of the management of a ransomware event
  • Balancing the risk to healthcare operations against payment of the ransom and expense of recovery


Watch the webinar to learn more.


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