Financial Services

Custom solutions to meet ever-changing needs

With the tightening of credit markets and the vulnerability of global economies, decisions around valuation, long-term stability, and shareholder returns require more scrutiny and validation than ever before.

Whether you are investing in a company, extending credit, or engaging in an arbitrage of the market, the risks are acute. Moreover, the increase in government regulation and threat of litigation when customers and investors are disappointed has never been greater.

Beecher Carlson has the professional consulting and brokerage experience in the global market to provide strategic advice in designing and implementing the right executive liability program for your financial services company whether it is a bank, investment banker, private equity firm, hedge fund, investment advisor, or insurance company.

Financial services companies rely on analytical insight to make accurate decisions, and Beecher Carlson’s financial services professionals are equipped with advanced analytics to help you make the right decisions. Our proven algorithms analyze thousands of data points against a field of litigation data to determine the likelihood and severity of incurring litigation. The level of risk you retain, the amount of insurance you buy, and how it is priced should not be determined by what others have purchased. Rather, the comparison of attributes unique to your company and those that have incurred litigation provides the insight you need to understand your own risk profile. Potential risks include the following.

Reputational Risk – It is critical to develop an insurance program to help you withstand a regulatory investigation and to protect you and your investors in the event that your reputation is harmed.

Cyber Risk – With many firms outsourcing their IT infrastructures to the cloud, a single breach can affect many institutions and create the cyber hurricane insurers fear most. Having the right cyber program with markets that understand and are dedicated to this space is critical to a long-term, stable program.

At Beecher Carlson, our three decades of global experience in the financial services sector can help you design and build executive liability coverage your board of directors, advisory committees and corporate entity needs to compete. Our commitment to innovation when designing Directors and Officers Liability, Professional Liability, Cyber and Data Breach Security, Financial Institution Bonds, and Reputational Risk coverage provides you with specialized solutions to meet your ever-changing needs.

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