Beecher Carlson provides solutions for your unique healthcare risk management challenges.

The Beecher Carlson National Healthcare Practice delivers specialized healthcare expertise, risk management services, and traditional and alternatively-funded insurance and reinsurance solutions to healthcare organizations that want to take control of funding and managing their risks.

Healthcare is a highly volatility and rapidly changing industry. Our customers – hospitals and health systems, medical groups, health plans, ACOs, freestanding treatment providers, and market innovators – partner with us to employ best-in-class risk management solutions. You can feel confident and stable you will receive:

  • Specialized healthcare and managed care risk management insight to ensure you aren’t blindsided by future threats arising from challenges such as mergers, consolidations, and partnerships; the emergence of free standing and alternative delivery systems; rapidly changing treatment practices; clinical and business interruption resulting from IT system disruption; increased regulatory compliance and audit cost; escalating employee health and safety expense; maintaining patient safety and data security in a community-based delivery system; and the impact of value based care
  • Access to the widest range of low-cost, high-quality insurance, reinsurance, risk management, employee benefits, and loss control options
  • Experience, expertise, and loss analytics to effectively coordinate these solutions; continually reduce retained expense, case reserves, and claim cost; close gaps and maximize coverage; and eliminate duplication and expense

While our customers engage us for specialized risk management expertise, experienced senior professionals, advanced analytics and benchmarking tools, broad access to insurance, benefits, and loss control and loss prevention services, it is our execution that sets us apart. We deliver the following:

  • Loss, retention, and pre-underwriting analytics that provide better information, insight, and decision support
  • Proprietary parallel marketing – a process that simultaneously markets all insurance and self-funded options to ensure you always have choices
  • Diligent claim administration that not only ensures your insurance coverage performs as expected, but continually lowers claim cost, case reserves, retained expense, and collateral requirements – reserves drive premiums and can often be set too high relative to the actual claims cost
  • Responsive, reliable customer service delivered by real people – senior professionals who continually earn your confidence through immediate response, personal interaction, reliable follow-up, and valuable insight

Beecher Carlson’s unsurpassed risk management expertise in healthcare and managed care helps you navigate a changing world, protect your capital, and fulfill your corporate mission of excellent quality and service. Contact us today.