Hospitality & Gaming

Tend to your guests while we tend to your risks

Beecher Carlson’s National Hospitality Practice knows the industry inside and out. We are a trusted partner that understands your complex insurance and risk management needs.

Our focus is to design custom programs that focus on your total cost of risk. When you can see the possibilities in risk management clearly laid out, you can maintain more control over your business, finances, and reputation. With more control, you have more time to focus on a positive guest experience and meaningful results to your bottom line.

Because we understand the hospitality industry, we have been able to create the following trust-based formula for success.

  • Trust from our clients – From the ups and downs of workers’ compensation programs to the challenges of mixed-use projects and cyber-liability, our targeted solutions exceed your expectations.
  • Trust from the carriers – Through years of thorough and accurate representation to the market, we have built strong carrier relationships so you get precise coverage at the best possible price.
  • Trust in our technology – We continue to design programs specific to your insurance and risk management needs that make your job easier and business more profitable.

Protect your assets and position your business for success. Contact us today to allow us to be your advocate.