Enhance your competitive advantage

Beecher Carlson’s National Manufacturing Practice represents the most influential and respected professionals in the industry. We have helped clients overcome complex risk management challenges with effective casualty, property, executive liability, captive management, and actuarial consulting. Utilizing innovative analytical technology, we are able to better understand your risks and pinpoint areas of your business that will drive down claims costs and total cost of risk. Our technologies give you the information you need and the control you want. Our proactive approach delivers an insurance program that will positively impact your bottom line and give you an edge over your competitors. The following are some ways we drive down your total cost of risk:

  • Identify potential adverse claims through predictive analytics, and develop a strategic process improvement plan to lower claims costs
  • Create a crisis communications plan with appropriate recovery options to reduce business interruption from product recalls
  • Provide understanding of appropriate accruals to effectively negotiate any collateral requirements, often resulting in reduced costs
  • Identify and prioritize key initiatives to reduce appropriate risks at an appropriate ROI
  • Streamline your casualty program administration and drive down claims cost through ZOOM®

From the day you contact Beecher Carlson, we become your advocate and educator. We clearly present and explain all the possibilities in risk management for you, so you maintain more control over your business, finances, and reputation.

Protect your assets and position your business for success. Contact us to be your advocate.