Real Estate

Effective risk management to increase profitability

Beecher Carlson’s National Real Estate Practice specializes in insurance and risk management for property owners and managers. We value depth of knowledge and account familiarity over geographic convenience.

We integrate our service team into your company and align that team with your goals, so you get unlimited access to our national, top-tier resources without complicated political structures or local profit center mentalities.

From the day you contact Beecher Carlson, we become your aggressive advocates, pre-underwriting your risk and educating you on all your coverage options. You gain cutting-edge solutions that will drive down your insurance costs and increase your Net Operating Income.

Listed below are some of the customizable actions we take to manage challenging real estate risks:

  • Integrate RMS software and a customized mapping tool into our risk management process to offer a complete catastrophic management solution
  • Draft manuscript policy forms to address risks associated with your dynamic schedule of locations
  • Utilize LiNK to efficiently and accurately allocate premium for each of your properties based on geography, loss history, and occupancy with quarterly adjustments and a complete portfolio analysis
  • Streamline your casualty program administration and drive down claims cost through ZOOM®
  • Perform casualty analysis such as retention analysis or cost of capital analysis that drives and optimal retention strategy
  • Create alternative risk finance solutions that not only solve your insurance needs but also generate profits in a tax efficient manner
  • Structure and implement Pollution Liability, Cost Cap, and Environmental Professional Liability transfer programs through our dedicated Environmental Team
  • Design executive liability solutions to address critical exposures for real estate including D&O / General Partner Liability, Property Management E&O, EPLI, and Tenant Discrimination
  • Coordinate insurance compliance for property managers and NNN tenants
  • Complete acquisition due-diligence including policy review, structure recommendations, retention analysis, pro-forma pricing and 3rd party contract review as respects insurance provisions

Protect your assets and position your business for success. Contact us to be your advocate.