An Analytical Approach

At Beecher Carlson, we saw a need to better prepare your business against the likelihood of a securities class action suit being filed and the expected severity of financial loss relating to securities litigation.

Beecher Carlson’s proprietary set of modeling applications known as MARA (Multivariate Algorithm for Risk Analysis) evaluates approximately 4,000 metrics to determine and assess your company’s risk drivers. MARA identifies patterns and trends allowing you to focus on areas where practical risk solutions can be applied.

MARA’s Key Benefits

  • Insurance Expense Management – We provide an objective basis for deciding how much insurance your business needs to buy and at what cost. MARA lets you know exactly how much D&O coverage you need.
  • Benchmarking Knowledge – MARA compares and contrasts your risk results with those of your peers. We offer a window into your business to give you confidence in your decisions regarding appropriate limits, retentions and premiums.
  • Negotiating Strength – MARA is a persuasive tool during underwriting negotiations. We ensure you are well aware of all your specific positive and negative risk factors to ease negotiations. You have the edge to secure the best terms, conditions, and pricing.
  • Risk Modeling Opportunities – We can adjust our forward-looking analytics to reveal how each decision will impact your D&O risk profile.
  • Enterprise Risk Management Alignment – MARA identifies problem areas for a securities claim letting you effectively mitigate and manage your exposures before litigation.

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