Captive Management & Consulting

Managing over 100 captives in ten domiciles across the globe, Beecher Carlson ranks as the third largest captive manager in the world.

Captives are no longer a just an expense reduction vehicle. In today’s highly competitive, margin-driven market, they effectively provide return on investment. As captives evolve, so must your Captive Manager. Captive insurance companies are now truly critical business tools and profit centers. It is no longer merely about accounting; rather captive management is about bottom-line results and developing profits as well as delivering savings.

History has continuously proven that creative thinking is not the exception, it is the norm in the captive industry. For more than thirty years, Beecher Carlson has helped clients explore and understand the many alternatives to traditional insurance. We pioneered many of the most innovative captive design concepts that exist in today’s industry.

We provide captive expertise that is customized, focused, and technical.

Customized. We are not just outsourced accountants. We create efficient and economically feasible methods to solve your insurance cost, coverage, and profit needs.

Focused. As an integrated captive manager, Beecher Carlson uses captives and tailors risk management solutions. We combine the use of captives with insurance and reinsurance to create comprehensive programs for your company.

Technical. Beecher Carlson was the first captive manager to investe in specific policies and procedures to streamline our process. Our SOC1 report can further assist in reducing costs associated with internal and external audits.

Leverage the experience and resources of one of the largest global captive managers today. Contact our Captive Management Practice today.