Cyber Liability

Defend your data and your reputation

To protect your company both financially and operationally in the fight against cyber-attacks, Beecher Carlson’s Cyber practice provides a combination of experience, knowledge, and advanced analytics. We work to understand your needs and address your most complex cyber risks. By providing you with leading-edge advice, claims advocacy, and data, you will have the tools you need to implement a full-scale defense – helping you protect your data and your reputation.

Utilizing our cyber capabilities and experience, we have been able to:

  • Produce a manuscript proprietary cyber Excess and DIC program to cover risks typically excluded in traditional policies (i.e., Property, GL, etc.)
  • Secure $1B in limits for a client using two unique transactions​
  • Negotiate and place single largest Cyber/Tech E&O insurance tower
  • Secure capacity through captives and fronting for innovative programs that address our client’s unique needs​

With Beecher Carlson, you will receive the unique benefits of having both technology and insurance resources present throughout the entire risk transfer process. Navigating the complexities of risk identification becomes simplified by utilizing our suite of cyber models, In-Site. Policy language that relates to your technology operations is tailored to be used all the way through claims recovery.

Beecher Carlson is the only broker invited to participate in a prestigious cyber security project with federal government agencies including the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the General Services Administration (GSA). In conjunction with the University of Maryland, we are helping to identify which cyber security strategies, policies, and operational controls in the NIST framework are most effective in bolstering corporate IT defenses, offering you expanded experience when working with your cyber team.


Work to identify critical assets and controls using external profiling, interviews (technical staff, counsel, and outside consultants), and questionnaires


Evaluate the level of residual risk using proprietary modeling to quantify and recommend risk transfer options where appropriate


Ensure critical assets are accounted for through policy language alignment, making sure insurers understand client specific risks and affirming coverage


Provide counsel for claims management with recognized vendors for quick resolution


Determine the financial impact of the incident and secure indemnification from the carrier


Assess where your organization has its largest exposure to breaches quickly and easily using our proprietary cyber modeling tools, Cyber In-Site, and our pre-breach services. Our loss models compile cost information from the largest breaches, fees charged by breach response vendors, analysis of more than 100,000 breaches, and information derived from independent Beecher Carlson research. Armed with this evidence-based data, you can make better insurance purchasing decisions.

CyberSelect™, Beecher Carlson’s proprietary Cyber Liability and Data Breach Response policy, offers one of the most comprehensive coverages on the market. CyberSelect™ comes with our Preferred Vendor Management Program, which provides you with access to preapproved, experienced response firms and breach coaches. There is no need to wait for consent from the insurer to engage vendors, as the program allows you to respond rapidly.

Contact us today to increase the efficiencies in your program, educate your staff, reduce your risk, and customize your response plan.