Managed Care

Reduce medical spending with practical solutions

Our Managed Care team helps employers reduce medical claims costs and keep health insurance costs down without cutting employee health benefits. We accomplish this by providing our customers the insight, medical management tools, and risk funding solutions needed to address the treatment cost for known high cost beneficiaries and those likely to incur high cost over the near future.

Many factors contribute to the increase in costs: soaring prices for medical services, benefit design, new costly prescription drugs and medical technologies, payments for volume over value, unhealthy lifestyles, a lack of transparency concerning prices and quality all play a part, and the sum total of all the medical services employed to address a specific illness or injury – the single most important cost driver is the cost and quality of specific treatment episodes.

Beecher Evergreen professionals recognize that it is not the unit price of service that determines the cost; rather it is how the services are packaged together in the treatment plan. Customers draw on this knowledge and experience to gain confidence and exert control over treatments episodes. Our professionals help you accomplish this by delivering:

  • Useful insight and benchmarking about the individuals, diagnoses, and medical services that drive current costs; trends in expense growth; and claim frequency and severity through our advanced analytics
  • Access to the most cost-effective medical management solutions – these solutions immediately address the cost of catastrophic claims; rising pharmaceutical, therapies, and orphan drugs; and out-of-network and specialty service costs, while facilitating the pricing transparency and the physician and patient engagement necessary to make informed treatment decisions
  • Wide selection of low-cost traditional and alternatively-funded medical stop loss insurance options that eliminate the unexpected and cap annual medical expense – Beecher Evergreen additionally offers the industry’s most innovative funding solutions that enable employers to retain expected claims costs rather than prefunding these costs as part of medical stop loss premium and prefunding all or part of this retained expense in a more tax-advantaged way using medical stop loss captives

Whether you are financially responsible for the medical care of hundreds or thousands of individuals, Beecher Evergreen Managed Care can help you design and implement a medical management plan that immediately reduces medical cost and lowers the trajectory of your healthcare spending.

If you are ready to take control, please contact us.


To learn more about the wide ranges of medical management services and independent pharmacy consulting services, please visit Axia Strategies, our medical management team, and IPC Evergreen Rx, our pharmacy consultants.