Streamline The Coordination of Your Local Policies

Simplify your global placement process with Beecher Carlson’s Multinational practice. We will work with you to develop a program that best fits your business needs and goals while maintaining compliance as the top priority. Partnering with the Worldwide Broker Network (WBN), the largest independent network and 4th largest in the world spanning more than 100 countries, we work with best-in-class partners and are actively involved in the control and governance of the network, allowing us to provide comprehensive, customizable, leading service across all territories. We will help you enhance your global collaboration while reducing your program’s complexities.

As part of Beecher Carlson’s Multinational practice, we work toward the following:

  • Ensuring local legislation requirements are met
  • Managing insurers administering global insurance programs so that local policies are correctly and promptly issued
  • Providing advice on insurance regulations and practices worldwide, general program knowledge, and opportunities to enhance the existing arrangements
  • Providing access to the tools to necessary to making informed decisions on local policy issuance and local service providers

Our Multinational Practice provides the best platform to deliver the globalization process and to manage the local brokers. This approach also means our clients have enhanced visibility of their local insurance needs and activities as their global presence continues to grow. Contact us today to discuss your international needs.

Worldwide Broker Network (WBN) has a global reach of International correspondents located in more than 100 countries with offices in more than 500 cities around the globe. WBN is the largest, fully integrated international network of independent Insurance Brokers and Employee Benefits Consultants. Founded in 1989 in Europe by nine firms, the strategic alliance today comprises the market-leading independent firms providing clients with cross-border expertise and outstanding service wherever they do business in the world. The WBN members are selected for their knowledge, quality, reputation and strength in their domestic marketplace.