Private Equity / Mergers & Acquisitions

Optimize terms and conditions & maximize cost savings

Beecher Carlson’s National Private Equity/Mergers & Acquisitions Practice specializes in pre-closing insurance and employee benefits solutions, aggregated insurance platforms, and transactional risk solutions to large and middle market private equity firms, infrastructure funds, alternative asset managers, and corporate clients.

Averaging nearly fifteen years of experience each, the Private Equity/Mergers & Acquisitions Team has collectively worked on more than 6,000 transactions. Our team offers a pre-closing diligence service which includes a financially oriented product focusing on the expense and efficacy of the insurance program currently in place.

We also have dedicated resources to provide risk transfer solutions to transactional issues enabling you to transfer potential “deal breaker” liabilities to carrier balance sheets to help ensure a smoother closing and protect the post-closing balance sheet of the target.

  • Representations and Warranties (Buy-side and Sell-side)
  • Binary Tax Liabilities including Tax Credit Eligibility
  • Transactional Environmental Liabilities
  • Specific Contingent Liabilities

Having created a single, centralized trading platform based in New York from which to operate, the Private Equity/Mergers & Acquisition procurement team trades directly with New York- based, private equity focused underwriting teams for increased leverage in the marketplace. Through a myriad of approaches ranging from fully integrated and shared programs to partially-shared or standalone programs, post-close placement results in enhanced terms and conditions with maximized cost savings for the Portfolio Company and Private Equity sponsor, ensured full portability for a cleaner investment exit, and a program that is complimentary to the investment strategy.

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