Remove uncertainty and minimize risk

At Beecher Carlson, our goal is to remove as much uncertainty as possible from your property risk management program. To achieve this, Beecher Carlson’s National Property team provides you with a service package that automatically includes the following:

  • Analytics
  • Risk Control
  • Pre- and Post-Loss Planning
  • Insurance Brokerage

Your service team begins by evaluating every aspect of your existing program for gaps in structure, terms, and conditions. Based on our findings, we design, market, implement, and maintain your new property insurance program for you. Our design showcases your strengths and dedication to loss prevention, so your program strongly resonates with underwriters and insurance company executives.

Innovative Risk Management Techniques

Our proprietary methodology LiNK lets you apportion your true premium cost among your property locations to create tailored models based on your criteria. You can analyze your allocations by geographic region, product class, construction type, degree of risk, or any other means instantly and with perfect accuracy. Through property acquisitions and sales, LiNK yields transparent models that simplify decision making.

Detailed below are the additional steps we take to increase your coverage and lower your total cost of risk.

  • We make sure policy language is consistent, so you get the right amount of indemnification and no coverage gaps.
  • We pre-underwrite your exposures to know your optimal program structure before sending any submissions out to market.
  • We integrate RMS software into our property risk management process to give you a complete catastrophic management solution.
  • We use applied analytics to produce an overlay of flood maps as well as real time and historical earthquakes and windstorms to give you and underwriters a more accurate picture of your specific property risk.

Protect your assets and position your business for success. Allow us to be your advocate. Contact us today.