Risk Services

Prevent what you can - prepare for the rest

Beecher Carlson’s Risk Services team recognizes the financial consequences that unfortunate events may have on your business. We deploy in-depth pre-loss consulting that helps control risk, protect assets, and pave the way for a superior post-loss response. Our skilled team goes beyond the initial placement of insurance to support your business before, during, and after times of loss.

What types of services do we offer?

  • Statistical Analysis – We identify factors that have historically driven cost of risk to identify opportunities for controlling costs.
    • Major Accident Types
    • Region, District, or Business Unit
    • Accident Types by Business Unit
    • Timeliness of Incident Reporting
    • Loss Stratification
  • Trending and Benchmarking – We measure historical and current loss data against an exposure base including man hours, payroll, sales, number of locations, and other factors. We account for differences in size or operations of business units to measure performance more reliably.
  • Accountability and Cost-Allocation Programs – In some companies, the cost of insurance and associated claims is treated as overhead and allocated based on payroll or some other common factor. This approach does not hold local managers accountable for their claim performance, so locations with high losses are subsidized by those that have fewer incidents or more effectively manage their claim costs. We have developed customized cost-allocation, or chargeback, programs for many of our clients. These programs are frequently designed to promote specific activities such as improved use of temporary alternative work programs or prompt incident reporting as well as allocating the costs of the insurance program to the managers whose performance most greatly contributes to those costs.
  • Risk Management Program Assessment and Development – Risk Services personnel evaluate existing programs and procedures relating to accident prevention and claims management and compare them against generally accepted Best Practices. We assist you in developing new programs or procedures where necessary. We create assessment tools designed to measure the degree to which corporately established programs are implemented at the local level.
  • Services to Address Specific Cost Drivers – We provide direct assistance to our clients to control specific cost drivers through both onsite assessment and development of management programs or training aids. Areas to be addressed depend on each client’s needs. While the following general categories apply to many of our clients, we can provide assistance in these and many other areas.
    • Ergonomics – We identify cost-effective solutions for reducing the forces and frequencies with tasks that involve manual handling of materials or repetitive operations.
    • Office Ergonomics – We have developed training materials and tools for management and employees to assist in making simple adjustments to work areas.
    • Slips, Trips, and Falls – We assess factors that contribute to falls such as lighting, floor surfaces, cleaning procedures, and footwear to determine possible remedies.
    • Equipment Operation – We assess machine guarding and operating methods to suggest measures to reduce the risk of incidents.
    • Motor Vehicle Operations – We help develop driver selection protocols and driver training programs.
    • Training Programs – We help our clients identify best practices and create customized training tools.
  • Regulatory Compliance – As part of our evaluation of risk management and accident prevention programs, we assess compliance with regulatory requirements such as those promulgated by OSHA. We have created sample programs and materials that address many regulatory requirements including the following:
    • Lockout / Tagout
    • Hazard Communications
    • Confined Space Entry
    • Powered Industrial Trucks
    • Work From Elevations
    • Infection Control
  • Coordination of Loss Control Services Provided by Carriers or Vendors – We work with our clients to establish expectations for services provided by carriers. Where specialized services are needed, if not available through Beecher Carlson or the insurer, we assist in identifying and coordinating services of third party service providers.

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