The PIPINO Practice


Property owners and risk managers in the mixed-use, retail, office, industrial, and multifamily real estate market segments need tools and solutions specifically designed to help them maximize the relationship between risk management and profitability. The PIPINO Practice will provide you with the innovations, knowledge, and resources necessary to help you maximize savings and impact your total cost of risk. We will work with you to assist in managing your business risks, protect and enhance your capital, and fulfill your corporate mission.


PIPINO Adjusting & Advisory Services (PAAS)

Claims management is a critical component in the risk management process because of its financial impact on cash flow for current and future premiums. With our proprietary claims management and third-party general liability claim adjusting services, you can minimize your overall claims cost.

Your success is our goal. We can help you:

  • Control the overall cost of claims
  • Lower your current and future insurance premiums
  • Minimize collateral requirements
  • Identify hazards to reduce claims
  • Reduce your total program costs
  • Create strategic risk management solutions
  • Maximize savings of both time and money through efficient claim handling and resolution


PIPINO Insurance Certificate Compliance (PICC)

Without a system in place to verify certificates of insurance (COI) from your tenants, vendors, and contractors are compliant, you expose your company to defending and paying for claims that are not your responsibility. PICC, our proprietary web-based system, was the first COI compliance product created specifically for the real estate industry more than 36 years ago.

PICC is designed to help your company:

  • Reduce claims costs
  • Reduce administrative burdens
  • Increase COI compliance rates
  • Provide COI storage in an easily accessible format beyond policy expiration
  • Reduce your organization’s exposure to costly insurance claims


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