Reduce your largest cost of risk and increase your efficiency

Leading an industry requires a constant drive to think differently and push boundaries. Beecher Carlson’s multi-disciplined ZOOM® team is dedicated to supporting your efforts to reduce your largest cost of risk – retained losses. By utilizing our proven, four disciplined process, you will achieve significant cost savings and get back some of your day through increased efficiencies. We leverage our robust suite of advanced analytics, such as our multivariate claim prioritization tools, to pinpoint the greatest opportunities to lower your claims cost. Generating strategies designed to reduce your workers’ compensation loss costs isn’t just something we do – it’s all we do.

While our advanced analytics provide meaningful insights into the cause and effect relationships associated with workers’ compensation claims, insights don’t generate better outcomes – behaviors do. ZOOM® can be thought of as a system. It goes beyond measurements and analysis. The four disciplined process turns one-dimensional analytics into an actionable playbook, resulting in superior outcomes. While each step creates its own value, the real power is in how they systematically work together to produce significant cost savings for you.


Zoom - The four disciplined process

Our complex claims tools provide a multifaceted approach to targeting claims. They allow you to pinpoint the claims most likely to develop adversely and apply our assertive claim closure tactics for prompt resolution.

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