A COVID-19 Vaccine and the Role of Employers

November 18, 2020

A COVID-19 Vaccine and the Role of Employers

As COVID-19 clinical trials move closer to FDA approval, and the nation readies itself for a vaccine(s), employers are starting to think through how to best prepare operationally and support their employees from both an education and access perspective. This paper examines at a high level the science and process associated with vaccine development and approval and identifies the areas employer plan sponsors will need to contemplate as the vaccine becomes widely available. It is important to note that the data and the opinions reflected in this paper are captured in a point in time and could change rapidly based on the environment. For example, there could be some surprise vaccine entrant to the marketplace that is approved ahead of current projections, or there could be clinical trial data released next week that could change the course of vaccine development and timing.




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